Necrodemic is a Free to Play survival based thriller. Defeat zombie bears to earn essence. Essence can be used to purchase more powerful weapons, ammo and perks that increases your chances of survival. Based on the position on the leaderboard by 30th Jan you will be eligible for rewards! You are guaranteed to earn upto 240 rupees by just playing for 10 minutes!


Quest reward Structure :

  • The levels mentioned below are the “Zombie Wave” level.
  • You have to survive 10 zombie waves to qualify for “Level 10” quest reward.

Guess what? There’s more!

Additionally you can also earn from the In-game point driven leaderboard contest IndiGG is hosting!

The higher you rank the more you earn!


How to get started?

Get started by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the site
  2. Open the website and you will be come across a prompt “Connect Wallet”.

  3. Press on “Connect Wallet” button, select metamask and you will get a pop up in metamask. Press on sign button.

  4. After connecting the wallet press on the “Next” button.

  5. You have to fill out the details and create an account.

  6. You will receive a verification code on your registered email ID.

    Enter the code and you account is ready.

  7. You will see Home page.

  8. Press on game button

  9. After that you will see this web interface. Here you have to click on “Necrodemic”

  10. You will see the “Download option” on the launcher. You are ready to go now.

  11. Once the download begins, navigate to this contest below and enter the contest.


NOTE : Code to enter the IndiGG Competition is “ IndiCen ”

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